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If selecting Electro from (Launch Side) please select Electro from (Peg Type) for the price to activate. Also, confirm your color location below in the Color Information tab. Left Hand means 'Peg in right wing' and Right hand means 'Peg in left wing'
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Model Type: Discus Launch Glider (DLG) Also available as Electro Version.

Manuals: Instruction CX5_V1.2en or Bauanleitung CX5_V1.3

KST 06H servos for tails, KST 08 for ailerons. (available in our shop) Add the RTF option Here

Spare Parts are available in the ‘Spare Parts’ area of the website.


RCGroups Info: Here

Version Review: Here

Gallery Images: Here

2 Piece wings are recommended for shipping outside of the EU.


Why a Concept X5?

Well, most of you know the variety of CX planes over the years and in my opinion, we are still having the best wind penetrating plane on the market with the CX4. But being good here needs a trade off in other parts of the flight envelope. Saying that, the CX4 was never known to be the killer deadair plane.
We did several things here…
First one was to move the flight envelope towards better deadair characteristics but giving away only little of the wind penetration abilities. So, thiner airfoil with a wing area of 19,5 sqdm. New, more aerodynamical fuselage with slip off nose (designed by Laurynas himself) and finally – a solid core wing!

That was one of the reason, why I asked Laurynas for a cooperation – he is the best producer of solid core wings and also one of the top overall quality producers worldwide…From the scratch he was able to match the defaults concerning weights. An AUW of 210-230gr should be achieved very easily.
So far, we have

wing – CW40 layup with HM carbon reinforcement ~105gr
Fuselage – ~ 35gr
tailset – average ~ 10.3gr

Simply its only model won a world Championship twice in a row !

Additional information

Launch Side

Left Hand, Right Hand, Electro

Peg Type

Standard, T- Peg, Electro

Wing Version

1 Piece, 2 Piece


Standard 40g/m2 CarbonWeave, A Spread 62g/m2, Strong D Box, UHM 199/m2, UHM 299/m2, UHM 399/m2, Custom Light UHM 199/m2

1st Color

White, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green

2nd Color

White, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green

Nose Color

White, Purple, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green

Bottom Scheme

2 Bars + Concept Logo in White, 2 bars in main wing, Surprise me

Ready to Fly

Yes (2 x KST06 & 2 x KST08), No

Color Information (Before Ordering)

Please see the image below to select the colors for your CX5.

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