PhoeniX DF

First double flap system on the market!

Starting from €2100.00.
Available in multiple colors.

Light Version: 1100-1200g RTF
Standard Version: 1200-1350g RTF
Windy Version: 1350g-1450g RTF

Advantages of split flaps

With traditional “big flap” designs, the break from large surfaces is very deep in the section, which can contribute negatively in some instances. But having a split surface, it gives the aircraft the same benefits of a traditional “big flap” design, without the negative of a abrupt deep brake in the section. This gives improved L/D and lower speeds in the critical phase of flight “flying low level and in weak and tight thermals”. It also allows the use of a thinner airfoil for better legs, and delays the use of ballast.

Simplified- better and more efficient control of your airfoil when it counts.

The Phoenix DF is a compact design, with a four part wing, and two part fuse for easy transportation to and from F5J events.

Our partners at Servorahmen GmbH designed and manufacture all the linkage for the split surfaces in the wing. This is a very simple and robust system, that does not require additional servos or build time.

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