First (DFS) Double Flap System on the market!

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Simplified- better and more efficient control of your airfoil when it counts.

The Phoenix DF is a compact design, with a four-part wing, and two-part fuse for easy transportation to and from F5J events. Our partners at Servorahmen GmbH designed and manufacture all the linkages for the split surfaces in the wing. This is a very simple and robust system, that does not require additional servos or build time.

Why a Concept X5?

Well, most of you know the variety of CX planes over the years and in my opinion, we are still having the best wind penetrating plane on the market with the CX4. But being good here needs a trade off in other parts of the flight envelope. Saying that, the CX4 was never known to be the killer deadair plane.
We did several things here…
First one was to move the flight envelope towards better deadair characteristics but giving away only little of the wind penetration abilities. So, thiner airfoil with a wing area of 19,5 sqdm. New, more aerodynamical fuselage with slip off nose (designed by Laurynas himself) and finally – a solid core wing!

That was one of the reason, why I asked Laurynas for a cooperation – he is the best producer of solid core wings and also one of the top overall quality producers worldwide…From the scratch he was able to match the defaults concerning weights. An AUW of 210-230gr should be achieved very easily.
So far, we have

Simply its only model won a world Championship twice in a row !

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